Debra Feldman '72NRS, '74PH

Debra Feldman, known as JobWhiz, is an international executive talent agent and job search consultant. She researches and identifies the most efficient, effective job search strategy to focus your campaign on generating unadvertised leads in the hidden job market. Approaching your search as a marketing project, she collects extensive data about your capabilities and surveys the market to find potential opportunities that best match your, and employers' expectations, to land your dream role. After expertly positioning you to attract the appropriate hiring decision makers who will fully appreciate your potential value, Feldman arranges one-on-one meetings between you and the right contacts in senior management, owners, investors, and board members to expedite the selection process while simultaneously establishing lifetime career insurance -- the relationships you need to gain access to future opportunities as a member of the inner circle.

Unlike recruiters who work for and are paid by companies, Feldman is always 100 percent loyal to executive candidates. By Networking Purposefully™, she is the first to discover unadvertised opportunities in the hidden job market that match your ideal position. She specializes in career changers, industry switchers, and strictly confidential searches across all industries and functional roles. For busy executives, Feldman provides corporate research, supports daily job search activities, drafts correspondence, customizes resumes and monitors progress against milestones to consistently produce high quality leads and a swift, successful landing.

  • Location: Greenwich, CT
  • E-mail[email protected]
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  • Specialties: Career/industry change, networking: who and how, network creation, job search strategy, informational interviewing, senior executives, finding unadvertised jobs

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