Rochelle Cooper '84BC, '89TC

Rochelle Cooper has successfully coached over 2800 senior leaders, trained over 5000 executives globally in Fortune 50 and 100 companies across many industries, such as Adobe, Citi, BMS, Google, JPMorganChase, Merrill Lynch, Estee Lauder, Metropolitan Life, Novartis, PayPal, Pfizer, Prudential, Sony and Time Warner.

Rochelle is a passionate talent leader and CEO/Founder of Cooper Management, an Executive Coaching and Assessment Firm, providing high-impact coaching, team-building and advising, to enable leaders and teams to achieve visible success in their roles. Programs her firm has created have been shown to increase high potential senior leader probability of promotion 2.5 times more than peers and to have a 93% likelihood of getting a bigger and broader role. Rochelle has been advising and
coaching highly talented leaders for over 23 years and specializes in propelling them to the most senior levels of their organizations through individual and peer coaching programs, as well as tailored leadership workshops. She has created many Women’s leadership programs and leads and directs several Coaching Programs for Columbia University Business School Executive Education.

Dedicated to ensuring the success of her clients, Rochelle holds an excellent track record in empowering leaders to reach their goals by either jump-starting success in new roles, building potential for advancement or developing critical skills to master a current role. Key areas of skill development include: Inspiring others, Developing Strategic Thinking, Increasing Agility, Organizational Savvy and Navigation, Executive Communications and Presence, Broadening Influence, Time Management, Change Management and Conflict Resolution. She developed 3 leadership programs that are run nationally through the American Management Association. Conducting Individual & Team Assessment are key strengths of her work.

Rochelle has held positions at JPMorganChase, as Director of Organizational Development, at Merrill Lynch in Talent Management and Bell Labs, where she was an Assessment Center Expert on measuring leadership potential. For the last fifteen years, Rochelle has been faculty at Hofstra University’s School of Business, where she teaches Executive Leadership Skills in the Executive MBA and traditional MBA programs. She has taught many courses for Columbia Business School, including Women in Leadership.

Dr. Cooper has published articles in several leadership journals, received her Ph.D., MA and BA from Columbia University and currently co-chairs the Leadership Council of Columbia University’s Athena Center for Leadership, has chaired the Professional and Leadership Development Committee for Barnard College Alumni Board, co-chairs the HBA Executive Women’s Program Committee, creating programs in the Pharmaceutical industry and co-chairs the Executive Women’s committee for the FWA- Financial Women’s Association. She is a frequent speaker for many senior leader groups on topics that enable leaders to reach to next levels and has led several charitable organization boards.

  • Location: New York, NY
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  • Specialties: Career/industry transition, conflict resolution, creating the perfect pitch, diversity issues, effective communication, executive and leadership coaching, executives/senior managers, international focus, leadership development, leadership style assessment, networking, organizational coaching, role expansion, team coaching

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